Make learning place values fun with place value games! Learning about this topic is very important for kids in their early elementary years. With many ideas for place value games, your child will be able to master the lesson in no time. Though learning about place values seems easy, there are parts that can confuse your child.
The best way to make sure that he or she understands is for you to introduce place value games.  You can introduce ones, tens, hundreds and even thousands through place value games formatted like memory card games.  Through these games, you can teach your child how to read and remember the places of the values. While doing this, you can include colorful texts and pictures so that the values will be attractive to the eyes. Adding a little pop of color to the place value memory cards will also help the child remember better.

Another idea for place value games would be the traditional fill-in-the-blanks activity.  This time, you can sharpen your child’s knowledge in the lesson by letting him or her arranging the numbers and then reading it. Reading the place values is an important part of the lesson and letting your child explore the numbers will truly help. Place value games that allow your child to manipulate numbers will give the child freedom and confidence to read the values out loud. In this game, you can also mix-up the values so you can test how well your child understands.

Place value games can be fun no matter how simple they seem. As long as you let your child enjoy learning math, he or she will be able to master the lesson quickly. It is also in the way you execute these games. You can use not just numbers but also pictures and colors to get the lesson across. Though the lessons are quite simple, children have the tendency to get tired and bored of the same approach. If you make flash cards and learning boards, your child will be able to explore the possibilities in the lesson. Without forcing it, your child will enjoy learning math.

There are indeed so many ideas for place value games. It all depends on your creativity as a parent or teacher.  You can inject an element of fun and action into the games if you desire, as long as the child learns the lesson well.


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